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This page has been Love Bombed times.

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Welcome To the Love Bomb homepage. Dedicated to the the best thing ever to come from Wales...TIGERTAILZ! For those of you that dont know (shame) Tigertailz are one of the best Glam Metal bands about. Formed in Cardiff in '84 and released their debut album "Young & Crazy" in '87. After replacing frontman Steevi Jaimz with former Rankelson bassist (see pic below!!!) Kim Hooker in '88 they released their best album to date "Bezerk" with such songs as "Noise Level Critical", "Heaven","Love Overload" and of course "Love Bomb Baby". After a brief split and a flirtation with the name "Wazbones", Tigertailz returned to their original name and released an album, strangely enough called "Wazbones". Tigertailz released a great live album in '96 called "You Looking at Me?" before going to ground. If anyone has any more news then please let me know at: Remember: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU KNOW. LIFE IZ NOT A BOWL OF CHERRIEZ