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Sleazy Come: the Sianara Baby homepage

Welcome to Sleazy Come Online. After lots of people requested copys of Sianara Babys fanzine 'Sleazy Come', we thought it would be easier to stick it on the web for all to see. Anyone wanting any more info can email us at ladies & gentlemen, Simon, Duff, Shay & Eddie SIANARA BABY!

Who Do We Think We Are....Duff

Peter "Duff" Duffys Story is one of mystery and intrigue. Raised in a clinically sterile cardboard box in Kular Lumpur as part of a secret government experiment to combine man and whiskey at a cellular level, Duff was freed at the age of nine by alcohol liberationists. Living wild under the streets of many of the worlds notorious cities he was eventually found underneath Trillions Rock Bar, trying to steal the meths of a wino. Since then he's kinda let himself go a bit!

Who Do We Think We Are....Shay

Shay McGuinness started life as a mild mannered member of the community. From his early life as Irelands main reason for conflict, he moved to a bigger war-zone in Newcastle. Shay seemed destined for a life of mediocrety until one fateful night when he was bitten by a radio-active lipstick. The lipstick in its dying moments managed to transfer its life-force into the unsuspecting lad, changing his life forever... Over the following months Shay began to notice changes in himself, he would spend 8-9 hours a day, gazing at his reflection in whatever passed for a mirror at the time. He was possesed by an uncontrollable urge to start a band and get under peoples skin.

Sianara Baby Picture Gallery!!!

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