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DarkGlam's Glam Dilemmas!!!!

As people evolve into that higher state of fashion we call Glam, one or two problems may present themselves. Here at Lipstick towers we understand this phenomena, and have listed such problemettes for your viewing pleasure. Anyone with any more please email me.

Glam Probs!!

Convincing the drunk trendy wanker that you really are a guy!

Big hair, small cars.

Airport metal detectors...."hang on while I unbuckle my, leathers,boots ect!"

Living with a slightly homophobic father

Going to a school that nicknames you "that Gay Devil Worshipping Freak that Dyed his Hair Pink"

Getting jewellry tangled up in hair/clothes, somebody elses hair/clothes.

Removing someones nose with your jewellry whilst dancing to Hanoi.

Finding which jacket/cowboy boots are yours after a party.

Hair dye stains in towels/sinks/floors/doors/ceilings/carpets/pets/ furniture.

Being asked to defend you existance in 30 seconds or less.(attention span of a trendy)

Small children saying "look at the pretty girl mommy" before being whisked away by frightened parents.

Being picked up by girls just so they can tell their friends they've had the guy with the make-up.

Your metal stuff freezing against your skin in the winter.

Not being able to climb stairs because you have'nt broken in your new cowboy boots yet.

Trying to explain glam to someone who has no familiarity with any referance you can come up with.

Getting lipstick smudges of everyone greeting you when you enter a club.

Convincing people you are straight and that make up is just to enhance your already great looks.

Convincing your sister to lend you her make up.

Buying womens clothes you know you could use, but trying to look like they're for someone else.

Tripping over your huge heels whilst dancing, but trying to look like you MEANT it.

Finding food you can eat without messing up your lipstick.

Realising your next cat better have black fur.

Getting sunburn through your T-shirt as to much partying means you havent actually seen daylight for weeks.

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